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Allows to store and reuse camera positions conveniently over multiple datasets.


Allows to store and reuse camera positions conveniently over multiple datasets.

We often have the case that people want to use the same camera orientation to view or take screenshots of multiple images.
While it is somewhat possible, it is difficult when needing to manage multiple views.

We created this simple XTension with a Matlab GUI that can store and recall any number of camera positions on a dataset and reapply them to others.

The views can be exported and reimported, that way you can reuse settings in different sessions of Imaris.

Image Extents Offsets
Sometimes datasets are cropped and their extents (xMin, yMin, zMin) are not at 0. When reapplying views to other images, this can cause an offset.
To compensate this, users should enable the "Reset Extents" checkbox.
The downside is that any analysis that was made "before" using this tool will be offset. To avoid this, reset your extents before performing any operations on your images.

Latest Versions

Please refer to the GitHub page for the latest version of this tool. It should be updated here as well. All requests or questions can be handled through GitHub issues at


Imaris version(s): 7.6.5
Necessary Modules: ImarisXT

Relevant Applications

Visual output, Snapshot


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Olivier Burri While it is great that people rate the XTension, without feedback, low ratings are rather useless. Feel free to post feedback here or on the GitHub Issues page.
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Michael Vogt Dear Olivier,

I am getting the error "Undefined function or variable 'XTViewManager' in Imaris 8.4.1
I would be happy if I get the Xtension running.

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Olivier Burri Dear Michael, the error has been fixed. I apologise for the inconvenience
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