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Spot detection and comparison


 I am also a new user of Imaris so I apologize in advance if the question might seem stupid.

My experiment:

I am acquiring images from brain with injury, I have to quantify the number of cells from the non injured vs injured region. The injured region usually have no cells.

My problem:

I have performed spot detection to count the number of cell in a specific ROI. When I perform spot detection on ROI that do not contain cell, I still get cell detected and no filter or settings seems to return me no detection no matter what. 

I played with and without background subtraction, filtering for intensity, quality, voxel. If a filter return no cells for a region of no cells, the same setting will return very low (inaccurate) cell count for a control region for cell. 


1. what is the best way to detect cell with low detection rate for region that do not have cells, something that can be applied with same settings for consistency to regions with and without cells?

2. is spot detection best or surface/ or cell detection

3. can we convert surface detection to spot if surface is best (same question for cell detection)

  Thank you for your help!


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