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Saving movie files with timestamp and scale bar

Good afternoon,

I have datasets which consist of z-stacks taken every 30 seconds to produce a time lapse. They are displayed as a maximum intensity projection and I export them as movie files (.avi). To do this I am selecting File > Save As > Movie File. 

My question is how to save such files with a timestamp and scale bar.

I display the timestamp and scale bar on the image from the menu under File > Preferences > Display, but when I save the file they are not included.

The option to capture the image with a scale bar and timestamp using the screenshot option doesn't seem applicable as this captures only the frame currently displayed.

Is there a way of achieving a movie file with these elements on each frame of my timelapse?

Many thanks in advance.

(I am using Imaris x64 9.1.2)

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A possible solution I can thought of is through Animation.The only difference is that you want to show MIP instead of whole z-stack. To do so, write a simple ImarisXT that replace the dataset by its MIP, then you can get the results you want.

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function XT_RMD_mipStack(aImarisApplicationID)

% <CustomTools>

%       <Menu>

%        <Submenu name="XT_RMD">

%         <Item name="XT_RMD_mipStack" icon="Matlab">

%           <Command>MatlabXT::XT_RMD_mipStack(%i)</Command>

%         </Item>

%        </Submenu>

%      </Menu>

%       <SurpassTab>

%         <SurpassComponent name="bpSurfaces">

%           <Item name="XT_RMD_mipStack" icon="Matlab">

%             <Command>MatlabXT::XT_RMD_mipStack(%i)</Command>

%           </Item>

%         </SurpassComponent>

%       </SurpassTab>

%     </CustomTools>

if ~isa(aImarisApplicationID, 'Imaris.IApplicationPrxHelper')
if isequal(sum(cellfun(@(x) ~isempty(strfind(x,'ImarisLib.jar')),javaclasspath('-all'))),0)
javaaddpath ImarisLib.jar
vImarisLib = ImarisLib;
if ischar(aImarisApplicationID)
aImarisApplicationID = round(str2double(aImarisApplicationID));
vImarisApplication = vImarisLib.GetApplication(aImarisApplicationID);
vImarisApplication = aImarisApplicationID;
% fastRMD
vDataSet = vImarisApplication.GetDataSet;
aExtendMaxX = vDataSet.GetExtendMaxX;
aExtendMaxY = vDataSet.GetExtendMaxY;
aExtendMaxZ = vDataSet.GetExtendMaxZ;
aExtendMinX = vDataSet.GetExtendMinX;
aExtendMinY = vDataSet.GetExtendMinY;
aExtendMinZ = vDataSet.GetExtendMinZ;
aSizeX = vDataSet.GetSizeX;
aSizeY = vDataSet.GetSizeY;
aSizeZ = vDataSet.GetSizeZ;
aSizeC = vDataSet.GetSizeC;
aSizeT = vDataSet.GetSizeT;
aType = vDataSet.GetType;
aVersion = vImarisApplication.GetVersion;
Xvoxelspacing= (aExtendMaxX-aExtendMinX)/aSizeX;
Yvoxelspacing= (aExtendMaxY-aExtendMinY)/aSizeY;
Zvoxelspacing= (aExtendMaxZ-aExtendMinZ)/aSizeZ;
Mvoxelspacing = max([Xvoxelspacing,Yvoxelspacing,Zvoxelspacing]);
Nvoxelspacing = min([Xvoxelspacing,Yvoxelspacing,Zvoxelspacing]);

vDataSetNew = vImarisApplication.GetFactory.CreateDataSet;
for vTime = 0 : aSizeT - 1
for vChannel = 0 : aSizeC - 1
% get
if strcmp(aType,'eTypeUInt8')
aBlock = vImarisApplication.GetDataSet.GetDataVolumeBytes(vChannel,vTime);
aBlock2 = uint8(zeros(size(aBlock)));
aBlock2(:) = typecast(aBlock(:),'uint8');
elseif strcmp(aType,'eTypeUInt16')
aBlock = vImarisApplication.GetDataSet.GetDataVolumeShorts(vChannel,vTime);
aBlock2 = uint16(zeros(size(aBlock)));
aBlock2(:) = typecast(aBlock(:),'uint16');
elseif strcmp(aType,'eTypeFloat')
aBlock2 = vImarisApplication.GetDataSet.GetDataVolumeFloats(vChannel,vTime);
% mip
aSlice = max(aBlock2,[],3);
% set
if strcmp(aType,'eTypeUInt8')
elseif strcmp(aType,'eTypeUInt16')
elseif strcmp(aType,'eTypeFloat')
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copy the above words to a text file, and save it as XT_RMD_mipStack.m at the path like "C:\Program Files\Bitplane\Imaris x64 7.7.2\XT\matlab", then restart imaris file and find the command at :
"image processing"--"XT_RMD"--"XT_RMD_mipStack", click it to get what you want.

You need to have Matlab installed.
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